Proscenic robot, my bad experience


On May 22, 2019, I bought my robot vacuum cleaner Proscenic 790 T on Ebay.


I receive it quickly BUT It does not work and refuses to charge.With the quick help by email from the seller I open the battery door and reconnect it: it was disconnected….

It works pretty well for 7 months.

December 29, 2019: a wheel locks up.The application gives me an email with the error message. I send an email on December 30: in response I am sent to the email of another person who does not respond to any of my messages.

I send a new email to yoafang and report this to the first person, who never responds any more, no more than the famous yaofang. Several emails, no more responses ….

On the advice of a friend I contact another email. This one answers me quickly and tells me to watch the threads of the wheel. I return a photo and purchase references.He replied that he was not taking care of my case and gave me back the yoafang  ( the guy who never answers) email which still does not respond.

  • Conclusion:
  • QUALITY OF MANUFACTURE … BAD at least in my case.
    I am not happy and let me know this article.I also contact a consumer association.